About the focus area

How well is your company poised to take back products at end-of-use or end-of-life? Do you have a way in which to assess the value, the condition and the potential of used products and a clear strategy of how to decide the relevant route for a product’s components, depending on their condition? This focus area provides a way to tackle these questions and provides guidelines to support the identification of the best circular strategy, given an existing product and existing end-of-life and end-of-use infrastructure.

What you get

With this focus area you gain insight into the key characteristics that influence product circularity. You will be able to identify the benefits of particular recirculation strategies for your specific requirements and evaluate necessary changes in operations and supply chain collaborations. To help defining which recirculation strategy suits your product best, try out the Closing-the-loop decision support online questionnaire.

In short, this focus area provides you with:

  • A clear understanding of how to close product and material cycles for existing products or how to improve existing products’ end-of-life/use systems
  • Tools that help you understand and evaluate different materials and analyse their effects on resource productivity
  • Tools for choosing recirculation strategy and for evaluating the its compliance for the given context.


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Tools for workbook

Below you will find a list of all the tools developed for Closing the Loop for a Circular Economy. The Circular Strategies Scanner is a common tool for all focus areas. The rest of the tools are categorised by the stage in the process they should be used.