About the focus area

For many product types, the optimal circular strategy is to extend the active life of the product. Do you have a way of evaluating whether this is the case for your company and products? Tracking, tracing and monitoring of materials and products is important for performing repair or preventative maintenance and for recovering and recycling materials. But what technologies to use and how to turn the generated data into a competitive advantage? This focus area helps you to evaluate the above questions, and helps you to investigate how digitalisation and smart products can play a role in facilitating a Circular Economy.

What you get

Working with this focus area provides you with insight into what IoT technologies are suitable for fulfilling your tracking, tracing and monitoring needs. It can assist you in setting-up and running pilots or trials, support you in analysing the data collected and help to identify ways of improving the system before scaling up. If you are already using some form of intelligent assets, it can aid in improving security and streamlining data collection and management.

In short, this focus area provides you with:

  • Insight into technologies which can be applicable for your tracking, tracing and monitoring needs
  • Guidance in how meaningful information can be extracted from your data streams
  • Inspiration from cases, where digital technology have been applied in the developed products product.


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Tools for workbook

Below you will find a list of all the tools developed for Smart Circular Economy. The Circular Strategies Scanner is a common tool for all focus areas. The rest of the tools are categorised by the stage in the process they should be used.