About the focus area

Circular Economy business models and closing the loop strategies can only be functional if the products and services are designed for circularity. The focus area helps you to integrate Circular Economy into product design and development and answer the question: How to make suitable design decisions for circularity?

What you get

This focus area supports implementing circular economy considerations in your product development process. The workbook contains a general approach to circular product development.

In short, this work package provides you with:

  • A general approach on how to develop products for Circular Economy, as well as examples of successful cases
  • A set of practical design guidelines for circular product design
  • A tool to enable the circularity assessment of alternative concepts to support decision-making in the early product development process.


Clicke here to download the workbook

Tools for workbook

Below is listed all the tools developed and used for business model development. The Circular Strategies Scanner is a common tool for all focus areas. The rest of the tools are categorised by the stage in the process in which they should be used.