About the focus area

This focus area provides a step-by-step approach and tools to support the creation of sustainable circular business models, based on a company’s position in the value chain, current and new products & services, best practice, success cases, and the company’s strategic goals. Questions that the workbook will help you to answer include: How ready are the internal business capabilities of your company, to enable the implementation of new concepts and pilot new business forms that are not based on single transactional product sales? And how can your company conceive, develop and implement new Circular Economy business models?

What you get

By applying the process and the tools of this focus area, your company will have the chance to explore new business models, to start or boost the transformational journey to Circular Economy.

The process and tools can be used to support the development of alternative Circular Economy business models now and in the future.

This focus area provides you with:

  • A process and accompanying tools for designing and simulating alternative Circular Economy business model concepts;
  • An expert system tool to support you with:
        • Recommendations about potential Circular Economy business model configurations for your company based on sector best practices and your current situation and vision;
        • A way to evaluate economic and resource decoupling potential and check the social aspects of business model alternatives to support decision, further detailing, experimentation and implementation.


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Tools for workbook

These are the tools developed and used for Circular Economy Business Modelling. The tools are categorised according to the stage of the process that they should be used as recommended in the Workbook. The Circular Strategies Scanner is a common tool for all focus areas in CIRCit.