About the focus area

Circular Economy is often seen as one of many means to achieving sustainability and the intentions of the practitioner are likely to be inherently sustainable. But is circularity intrinsically sustainable, all on its own? With this focus area, we provide support for the assessment of whether or not your ambitions, strategies and plans for Circular Economy are actually sustainable, seen from an environmental, social and economic perspective. Additionally, a trade-off navigation tool is provided to help making decisions for sustainability.

What you get

Using the approach presented for this focus area will provide you with insight into what and where the current impacts of your business are in terms of relevant environmental, social and economic indicators. This will help you identify opportunities to improve your circular economy initiative, so it also brings the desired sustainability benefits.

In short, this focus area provides you with:

  • A workbook with a detailed step-by-step procedure to support sustainability screening
  • A comprehensive digital database with 270+ leading sustainability performance indicators
  • A trade-off navigation tool to¬†enable a structured, transparent and traceable decision-making process.

The workbook and the database aim at providing:

  • Arena for internal dialogue about circular economy initiative and its contribution to sustainability
  • Insight into key sustainability aspects relevant for manufacturing industry
  • Insight into hundreds of leading sustainability indicators to measure sustainability
  • Support in interpreting sustainability implications of Circular Economy initiatives


Click here to download the workbook


The Circular Strategies Scanner is a common tool for all focus areas, while the digital database Circular Economy Sustainability Screening Tool is the main tool for this focus area and should be used as a supportive tool throughout the steps presented in the workbook.