About the tool

With the Stakeholder Opportunity Cluster, the new ideas and opportunities generated in the Stakeholder Exploration are evaluated. Some involved existing stakeholders, others new ones. The most interesting ideas and opportunities are looked into, to see which ones ‘go well together’ and should be grouped accordingly.

How to apply the tool?

Step 1:
Vote on the opportunities on the Stakeholder Value Map; you can give participants a limited number of stickies for this (between 3-5 per participant).

Step 2:
Transfer the selected opportunities to the Stakeholder Opportunity Clustering sheet. If stakeholders or opportunities fit within multiple clusters, duplicate them.

Step 3:
Discuss and add titles to theclusters that clearly, but succinctly describe their essence.

Step 4:
Of the opportunities not selected, perform a final check whether some of these should be added to enhance the generated clusters

When to apply the tool?

The Stakeholder Opportunity Cluster tool should be used in the analysing phase and help in defining what value the circular transition has for the different stakeholders.

The Stakeholder Opportunity Cluster is one of the tools presented in the CIRCit project to support various circular value chain configurations, seeking innovation through stakeholder collaboration (WB6).

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