About the tool

With the Stakeholder Exploration tool, you can explore what opportunities are created through working with new partners or the creation of new entities.

This tool explores collaborations with new partners or new entities extend the possibilities of the circular strategy, and how such collaborations can create new opportunities.

How to apply the tool?

Step 1: Internal resources — sufficient and available
On the top row, list the internal resources available for deploying the new circular value chain.

Step 2: Internal resources — possibilities to create
On the second row, identify areas where knowledge and capabilities are not readily available, but could be created given sufficient investment of time and financial resources.

Step 3: Collaborations needed — create new relationships with existing partners
Explore where collaborations can supplement internal capabilities or create new opportunities. Identify both the partner (in blue), and the opportunity (in green).

Step 4: Collaborations needed — seek new partners outside of the current value chain
How can other partners support the implementation of your circular value chain? Identify both the partner, and the opportunity.

Step 5: Collaborations needed — create new entities
What knowledge and/or capabilities are still not covered? Can a new entity or body be created? What new opportunities are opened up? Identify both the partner, and the opportunity.

Step 6: Lastly, transfer all the new stakeholders and opportunities to the Stakeholder Value Map.

When to apply the tool?

The Stakeholder Exploration tool should be used in the analysing phase and help in defining what value the circular transition has for the different stakeholders.

The Stakeholder Exploration tool is one of the tools presented in the CIRCit project to support various circular value chain configurations, seeking innovation through stakeholder collaboration (WB6).

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