About the tool

The Smart Circular Economy Strategies Overview should be used as guiding tool to help in identifying how digital technologies could benefit your product/system. Smart Circular Economy strategies, where digital technologies can leverage, optimise and enhance the overall resource productivity, span all the major Circular Economy strategies. These can range from strategic categories, such as reinventing and rethinking business models, to operational categories, such as recirculating parts, products, and materials.

The Smart Circular Economy overview provides an illustrative example of the connection between different levels of digital technologies implementation and a corresponding Circular Economy strategies.

How to apply the tool?

Step 1:
Print out the Smart Circular Economy Strategies Overview.

Step 2:
Discuss which strategies are relevant relevant for your product/system. Use the Circular Strategies Scanner to help you in this process.

Step 3:
Start at the Descriptive level. Create ideas for the relevant strategy/strategies by following the instructions and add them to the overview using sticky notes.

Step: 4
Continue up the ‘ladder’ finding new ideas. The higher up on the Smart Circular Economy ‘ladder’ one aims to climb, the greater potential to unlock increased resource productivity one can achieve. However, climbing the ladder may come at the cost of greater technological and organisational challenges. Try to reach the Prescriptive level.

Step 5:
Discuss the ideas generated and select the best one to look further into.

When to apply the tool?

The Smart Circular Economy Strategies Overview should be used in the to identify smart circular economy strategy and potentials for using Digital Technology in your product/system.

The Smart Circular Economy Strategies Overview is one of the tools presented in the CIRCit project to support Smart Circular Economy (WB4).

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