About the tool

With the Prioritising Opportunity Cluster tool, the opportunity clusters identified earlier can be organised according to a set of criteria. In this step, the generated clusters are rated, to set priorities and select the clusters to be taken forward to the next phase.

The result of the activity is identification of 2-3 most promising opportunity clusters, to go forward with.

How to apply the tool?

Step 1:
If the opportunity clusters generated represent different snapshots in time, use only the lower third of the diagram to organise them in a timeline. If the clusters are very different in nature, use the full grid.

Step 2:
When using the full grid, establish the criteria to use to organise the clusters.

Step 3:
Next, discuss and place the opportunity clusters on the grid. The top cluster, or the top 2-3 clusters, are worth exploring further in the steps.

When to apply the tool?

The Prioritising Opportunity Clusters tool should be used in the analysing phase and help in defining what value the circular transition has for the different stakeholders.

The Prioritising Opportunity Clusters is one of the tools presented in the CIRCit project to support various circular value chain configurations, seeking innovation through stakeholder collaboration (WB6).

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