About the tool

The Market & Product Decision Tree is a tool for selecting recirculation strategy for the circular economy. The tool uses a range of yes/no questions related to the product and the market to guide you in finding the best opportunities for your specific product. The recirculation strategies correlate with the strategies presented in the Circular Strategies Scanner. The definitions and further details of the recirculation strategies are presented in Workbook 5 – Closing the loop for a Circular Economy.

How to apply the tool?

Start by the green box, as indicated in the decision tree. Answer each of the questions and follow the path which correlate with the answers to the questions. Based on the answers, you will be pointed to the most optimal strategy.

You can also try out the Closing-the-loop decision support online questionnaire, which uses the same approach.

When to apply the tool?

The Market and Product Decision Tree should be used in the identification phases to identify possible recirculation strategies.

The Market and Product Decision Tree is one of the tools presented in the CIRCit project to support Closing the Loop for a Circular Economy. To assess sustainability footprint of the chosen strategy, we suggest you take a look at the focus area, Circular Economy Sustainability Screening.

Read more about the results of this focus area, explore other tools which can help in Closing the Loop for a Circular Economy and download the inspiring workbook here.