About the tool

The Circular Economy Business Model Configurator is an expert system tool to support planning and decision-making during the development of business models for Circular Economy. The beta version of the tool is available in Excel and comprises four modules.

  • Module 1: identification of opportunities for designing new Circular Economy business models
  • Module 2: transforming opportunities into ideas, which means combining different business model patterns and adapting them to make sense for the company‚Äôs context
  • Module 3: configuration of complete circular economy business model concepts
  • Module 4: preliminary assessments of the economic and resource decoupling potential of business models

How to apply the tool?

Recommended as support mainly for the facilitator of business model innovation processes or Circular Economy initiatives implementation.

It helps the facilitators by providing:

  • recommendations and benchmark with best practices for discussing with the team;
  • a framework and calculators for evaluating the resource decoupling or economic potential of business model concepts; and
  • a structure to create an accounting of decisions taken during the process.

When to apply the tool?

The Expert System Circular Economy Business Model Configurator should be used throughout the process, supporting several activities of the stages Sense, Seize and Transform with recommendations and a decision-support sequence.

The Expert System Circular Economy Business Model Configurator is one of the tools presented in the CIRCit project to help in the development of Circular Economy Business Models (WB2). Read more about the results of this focus area, explore other tools and download the inspiring workbook here.