About the tool

The  Circular Value Chain Activity Cycle is used to explore where and how the opportunities from the clusters (identified in the first phase) can be captured. After having refreshed the 2-3 selected opportunity clusters, you can now explore how these opportunities can be captured through making 2-3 Circular Value Chain Activity Cycles for each cluster.

How to apply the tool?

Step 1: Define opportunity cluster, end-user & scenario
Define which opportunity cluster will be explored, who the end-user is, and – if applicable – what (use) scenario you are looking at.

Step 2: Add the circular strategy or strategies central to the cluster
Use the pink arrows in the middle of the diagram to indicate where which circular strategies take place.

Step 3: Add the activities
Next, add the activities that the end-user (in the centre) goes through in the PRE, DURING and POST phases. Add a secondary stakeholder if the central stakeholder is not involved in actions that are of key importance.

Step 4: Add the needs
Describe the needs associated with each activity. Think of a ‘need’ as the support stakeholder requires to complete the activity successfully. What information is needed? What format is the most useful to them? Where can it be found?

Step 5: Add the stakeholders responsible & their roles
For each need, consider the stakeholder responsible for fulfilling it. This can be your company, a stakeholder, or a combination. Add a short description of how or in what form the need is fulfilled.

When to apply the tool?

The Circular Value Chain Activity Cycle should be used in the second phase of the process to help in defining what the new ecosystem will look like.

The Circular Value Chain Activity Cycle is one of the tools presented in the CIRCit project to support various circular value chain configurations, seeking innovation through stakeholder collaboration (WB6).

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