About the tool

Circular Economy Sustainability Screening tool is a practical tool developed to assist your business in performing all the steps of sustainability screening in a systematic and meaningful manner. The tool is presented as a digital database accompanied by the workbook and a practical example that provides a ‘hands-on’ explanation of all the major steps required to perform indicator-based sustainability screening.

The tool contains several worksheets to indicate activities relevant for the sustainability screening of CE initiatives, with a great emphasis at the scoping and indicator selection process. The tool is accompanied by a user guide that provides a step-by-step guidance for setting the scope and a structured approach to the selection of relevant performance indicators. This needs to be applied to understand the performance of a CE initiative and act on its improvement before implementation. The sustainability screening offers a structured support in early design phases by:

  1. Indicating environmental, economic and social aspects that are potentially significant for the initiative
  2. Providing guidance on selecting relevant indicators to quantify performance on the key aspects
  3. Reflecting on the results to support initiative improvements.

How to apply the tool?

The workbook provides a detailed description of a step-by-step approach to perform sustainability screening. Overall there are 3 main steps to follow for a structured process:

Step 1:
Defining the scope for indicator selection – to elaborate on a defined Circular Economy initiative and bring alignment of its sustainability objectives

Step 2:
Selecting relevant key performance indicators – to create a set of indicators to be applied

Step 3:
Applying the final set – to understand sustainability potential of the selected CE initiative and identify improvement opportunities.

When to apply the tool?

Sustainability screening should be performed in the early stages of any business process (for instance, at the conceptual design stage during product development) to ensure your business receives early warning about sustainability implications and has freedom to act to introduce improvements.  When viewing CE as a project that requires participation of a multidisciplinary team, expect engaging experts from business and marketing area, product and service development, sales and operations managers.

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