Join us? Start with a workshop!

Much has happened since the CIRCit project kick-off in February. We joined the Nordic Green Growth Research and Innovation programme kick-off meeting. Our dedicated team has started to visit companies to create awareness about the project and discuss their insights on Circular Economy. In parallel we are moving rapidly forward with the literature reviews and the development of methods, models and tools.

There is a great curiosity about the project and especially about the science based tools being developed. We often find that companies are familiar with the circular economy concept but have sometimes a hard time knowing where to start. Do we need to rethink our whole value propositions or can we start with trying out a new business model or with a single product concept, or both?

Workshops coming up
Coming months we are arranging workshops in all countries to present how CIRCit can support you and your company moving forward towards circular economy. Would you like to join the upcoming workshops – or us to visit and host a workshop at your company? Please contact us!

  • Finland: Workshop planned 5th October
  • Iceland: Workshop planned 2th November
  • Sweden: Workshop planned 16th November at Elmia Subcontractor Exhibition
  • Denmark: Workshops planned for 29th September and 9th November
  • Norway: Workshop 12th of December