Danish Stjernholm offers a sand washing system that allows for more than 90% reuse of sandy manure mixtures.

The Danish company Stjernholm A/Soffers a solution which cleans sandy manure at dairy farms. According to experts, utilising sand for beddings is important for cows’ wellbeing. Usually, the sandy manure mixture is required to be changed and to reuse this slurry can be a difficult process. However,  Stjernholm developed a sand washing process system which allows for a significantly more convenient solution. The process starts by separating sand and manure followed by cleaning. The processed sand can be reused while the manure can e.g. be delivered to biogas plants for biogas production. This provides opportunities for farmers to achieve massive savings, both from a resource and an economic perspective, by reusing the sandy manure. It is estimated to have a carbon reduction potential of 36% per annum, depending on the application. One of the applications of this process, at Holsted dairy farm, achieved up to 92.5% reuse of the sand. Hence, Stjernholm’s sand washing system contributes to closing the loop and creating more circularity for dairy farms.

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