The Swedish clothing company Filippa K creates long lasting garments, made using a large amount of recycled materials.

In an industry where many brands launch a new collection every week, Filippa K focuses instead on creating long-lasting and timeless designs, which can be worn for a long time. On average, a piece of clothing from Filippa K is worn 75 times, compared to the industry average of 7. This means that far less clothing is needed to fulfill the same purpose, contributing to lower environmental impacts. Filippa K focuses on using recycled materials in its clothing and on recirculating its own cutting waste. The company has additionally established a secondhand shop where people can purchase gently used pieces from previous Filippa K collections. Filippa K takes back its clothing and provides a discount upon return, after which the clothing is sent to the company’s Studio. Filippa K is thereby increasing the value provided by its clothing.

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