The Swedish sharing platform, Hygglo, makes it easy to rent tools and equipment when you need it on a daily basis.

Many products spend most of their lifetime on the shelf or in a storage room. For these products, a significant amount of resources have been used in order to produce the products, while they are in some cases only used a few times. This is highly the case for tools and equipment, which is what the Swedish company Hygglo is optimising the use of, through their sharing platform. Hygglo facilitates rental, between platform users, of products such as drills, electrical saws, trailers and camping equipment and takes care of insurance of the products. Sharing of products is especially beneficial for power tools which often have a high environmental impact in production, and a low intensity of use. Studies have shown that an average electrical drill is only used for about 13 minutes throughout their lifetime, which could be increased through renting out the drill on a sharing platform. Apart from its environmental benefits, the sharing platform can also help the users save money and space as they do not need to own the equipment themselves. 

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