The Danish company Re-Match is the first and only company to develop a technology that is able to recycle 95% of worn out synthetic turf pitches for sport.

The number of synthetic turf sports pitches around the world is growing. Some of the advantages are that no maintenance is required and that the quality of the pitch is intact, all year round, for many years. However, the synthetic turf requires a large amount of plastic grass fibers, rubber, and sand which must be disposed of, when the turf is worn out. Within Europe, the Middle East, and Africa alone, more than 30 million square meters of synthetic turf (equal to 4,160+ full size soccer pitches) are expected to be replaced every year. By incineration, this will release around 1.7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. The Danish company Re-Match is the first and only company that has developed a technology to recycle 95% of an entire synthetic turf. The recycled materials have a purity of 99% and can be used to produce several new products such as new turfs, supplements in asphalts, industrial flooring, acoustic barriers, shock absorbers. Since the new products make use of recycled materials, Re-Match decreases some of the pressure on the world’s scarce resources. Thus, both customers who deliver used turf pitches to Re-Match, and customers who buy new products from Re-Match, contribute to relieving some of the pressure on the Earth’s scarce resources and greenhouse gas effect.

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