Stena Recycling started the Circular Initiative inviting leading industrial companies for collaboration towards more resource-efficiency and circular economy.

The Swedish based company Stena Recycling, part of Stena Metall Group, usually aims to optimize the resource-efficiency by collecting and recycling industrial waste from various industries. By early engagement in the customer’s value chain they optimize their profitability but also the overall value of industrial waste. However, Stena Recycling decided to start the Circular Initiative for broader collaborations in the industry towards circular economy. The Circular Initiative was held in 2019 as an event gathering 200 representatives from leading industrial companies e.g. Electrolux, ABB, Combitech, and Stora Enso. The target is to cooperate in generating concrete plans and bold goals for solutions towards a sustainable future. Especially with focus on creating more usable resources from waste and incorporating more recycled materials in the manufacturing industry. It allows for the decision makers to share challenges, experiences, and opportunities towards concrete measures. Stena Recycling is taking a big step in uniting the entire Swedish industry towards circular economy, which will result in a more significant improvement in environmental impacts. 

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