The coffee machines from 3TEMP are operated through an app to ensure proper maintenance and extension of product life.

3TEMP designs and produces coffee machines that are made for easy repair and maintenance by the customers themselves. The company’s coffee machines are sold worldwide, often to restaurant chains, such as Joe & the Juice. The HIPSTER coffee machine is connected to the internet, which allows for efficient service, repair and maintenance via online performance tracking. The advanced coffee machine by 3TEMP is equipped with sensors and an internet connection, while connected to an app to control the machine’s brewing, energy usage and temperature. Furthermore, the app keeps track of how components are behaving, and how much coffee has been brewed, and many other performance parameters. The coffee machine is designed with features to ease maintenance and repair, including non-destructive disassembly, one-tool access for daily maintenance and operation, minimised use of screws, easy access to functional modules, modules that are easy to replace, and pictogram-signage on the modules for disassembly. These features are estimated to save around 30 km service transportation per machine each year, as well as enabling remanufacturing. It also saves much time and effort for customers, enabling them to invest their resources elsewhere.

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