ECRIS remanufactures automotive components on industrial level with low environmental footprint

ECRIS is located in Jönköping in the southern part of Sweden. Together with Volvo Cars, the company has developed an ecosystem for remanufacture of automotive components for the automotive aftermarket and authorized car workshops. Annually more than 10000 parts are remanufactured. Vehicle parts are dismantled and collected by Volvo authorized dismantlers or workshops and sent to ECRIS. After a series of reconditioned process steps, the components are labelled and sold as “Green parts”, the parts are sent back to the workshops. When repairing at the workshop, the customer is offered these remanufactured parts at a lower price but with unchanged guarantee conditions.

To further reduce a negative environmental impact from the dismantle and remanufacture process, ECRIS is energy self supplied by a solar panel system, geothermal heating and battery storage. By the way, these batteries are also reused and origin from dismantled cars.

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