Ovako produces steel from scrap and utilises the by-products from production in asphalt.

Steel is a highly popular material which is applied in a number of different sectors. However, producing virgin steel contributes to high environmental impacts and therefore good environmental benefits can be created from recycling steel. The Swedish steel producer, Ovako, uses steel scrap in their production of high quality steel for e.g. the bearing, transportation and manufacturing industries. By basing their production on steel scrap, Ovako can produce steel with a carbon footprint, which is 80% lower than the global average. Even though the steel is based on steel scrap, the material is most suitable for high demanding applications such as for bearings used in wind power and IQ-steel that is used in injectors for diesel engines. Ovako is additionally highly focused on utilising by-products from their steel production. In cooperation with the asphalt industry, Ovako has found a great application for their residuals, which can be used in asphalt to increase the lifetime and minimise the need for maintenance of the roads.

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