66°North was founded in Iceland in 1926 and design and produce outdoor wear with the philosophy that they should last for as long as possible.

Creating long-lasting, durable and versatile outdoor wear is the essence of 66°North’s business. They work closely together with high quality fabric producers like Polartec and GORE, to ensure that the material used in their clothing lives up to the requirements defined by nature. At the same time, they are focused on selecting low-impacting materials. They are e.g. using an increasing amount of recycled material and leftover fabrics for their clothing. In order to further improve the circularity of their clothing, they make sure that their product lasts longer by providing the users with the needed information about product care and by providing the service of repairing broken items. They also take back their own products from customers at the end-of-use and send them for reuse or recycling depending on the condition.

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