Brightr Group substitutes existing lighting with their holistic LED solutions reducing environmental and financial impact.

The Danish company Brightr Group® ApS provides servitisation and substitution of conventional lighting to LEDs for organisations or companies. They specialise in holistic solutions for customers, spanning from providing customised and own-produced LED solutions, to consultancy and sophisticated lighting design solutions within the entire replacement process. Brightr Group® ensures that the innovative LED solutions match the current settings, hence providing both dramatically improved lighting, as well as continuity of current lighting styles, while allowing for reducing the environmental and financial impact for customers over time. One example from 2019 is when Brightr Group® replaced the existing lighting solution at the Odd Fellow Palace in Copenhagen, resulting in 86% reduction in CO2 emissions after the first month. Thus, Brightr Group® is utilising their knowledge, expertise and unique LED solutions to help improve lighting quality, reduce the environmental impact with a very short ROI for all types of organisations.

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