Icelandic Atmonia is developing a carbon-free technology to produce ammonia and N-fertilizers, vital for sustainable food production.

Ammonia is crucial for the increasing global food production. So crucial that about 50 % of all food produced rely on fertilizers made of ammonia. However, conventional ammonia production systems emit greenhouse gasses, and about 1 % of the world’s yearly anthropogenic CO2 emissions comes from these production systems. Atmonia, an Icelandic early stage company, is tackling this challenge by developing a sustainable way of producing ammonia. The novel technology is an electro-catalytic process to generate ammonia from air, water and electricity, after which the aqueous ammonium solution can be directly used as a fertilizer. Therefore, the technology contributes to providing the needed fertilizers in a novel, distributed manner, for the increasing global food production without emitting any carbon dioxide. Atmonia has 1 patent granted and additional 3 filed.

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