Shark Solutions recycle broken windshields and architectural/building glass, which gives both the glass and the PVB polymer interlayer a second life in new sustainable products and keep the broken glass out of landfills.

In windshields for vehicles, there is an invisible layer of PVB resin polymer. This has a protective function when the windshields break e.g. during car accidents or by stone chips. However, PVB makes the windshields more difficult to recycle which means the majority ends up in landfills. By estimate, they take almost a million years to decompose. The Danish cleantech company, Shark Solutions, recycle broken windshields and architectural/building glass and create a recycled PVB resin material, which can be applied in a number of different industrial products, such as paint and coatings, carpet backing and advanced plastic products. The glass from the windshields is recycled as well and can be used in for example production of fiberglass building insulation. By recycling glass and PVB from these products, Shark Solutions contribute to emissions savings of about 57.000 tons CO2/ year (2019) and to an increased resource efficiency. 

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