The Danish company KALK has obtained a Cradle to Cradle gold certificate and produces environmentally friendly lime products.

In Europe, the building sector accounts for 40 % of the energy consumption and has therefore a huge responsibility when it comes to the task of lowering the environmental pressure. The Danish producer of lime products, KALK, is fighting for sustainable products for the building sector. The company only uses biofriendly materials which are gentle to both the human body and the environment. KALK ensures that its materials become a part of a biological or technical circuit and has implemented reusability or recyclability solutions for all types of production waste. The energy comes from 100 % renewable sources, and all wastewater is cleaned before it leaves the production. Finally, KALK has initiated a collaboration with “Gamle Mursten” (see case 1) in order to develop a process for recycling KALK’s mortar products. As a reward for all these actions, KALK has received the reputable Cradle To Cradle (Gold) certificate indicating that KALK meets strict circular criteria. Thus, KALK is both striving for minimizing the impact of each product life and for ensuring that all materials will enter several product loops.


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