Framery ensures flexible open-plan offices with its pods, made largely of renewable, locally sourced or recycled materials.

Framery is a Finnish company designing pods for open-plan offices as a means to provide a soundproof space for individual working, video conferencing or meetings without disturbing others in the office. The pods can therefore be used to reduce the need for construction and building, allowing a flexible use of interior space. Framery pods are produced in Finland with a high share of locally sourced durable materials, such as birch plywood and steel. More than 50% of the materials in the pods come from renewable sources. They use recycled polymer materials for the soft components such as foams and felts that create the acoustic experience. Maintenance and repairs are an important part of the offerings and after-sales services to support customers. These services are designed to prolong the useful lifetime of pods and make sure they contribute to a good working environment. Framery products are available in several different size, interior, and color options. The pods are also available as a product-as-a-service which is a carefree and flexible monthly subscription for a Framery pod in Finland, Sweden and Norway. 

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