Ege Carpets uses a range of different recycled materials for its carpets and considers resource efficiency in production.

Ege Carpets produces carpets and rugs using a circular mindset. In several of its carpet collections, recycled materials are used both for the carpet backing and as a sourcing for the yarn. These backings are made 100% from used and recycled plastic bottles. The yarn used for the collections is produced by Aquafil and sourced from abandoned fishing nets and nylon waste which is cleaned and processed into their ECONYL yarn. The yarn is regenerative, which means that after the end-of-use, the textile can be used to produce new yarn. Ege Carpets are in the process of developing a single material carpet, which will have a further enhanced recyclability as no dismantling is necessary. Ege Carpets also use circular principles in their production. For example, they purify and reuse 40-70% of the water and 88% of the dye from the dyeing process. The excess heat generated during their production is delivered to local community homes through the district heating system.

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