Increased reliability of navigation equipment, through reduced complexity, and increased reparability and modularity.

When the navigation equipment of a large ship breaks down, this can be very costly, as it cannot leave the harbour. For this reason, Danish technology company Danelec Marine redesigned its Electronic Chart Display & Information System (ECDIS) from the ground up, increasing reliability through modularisation and parts reduction. What’s more, the ECDIS was designed with repair and future compatibility in mind. If quick on-board repair is not possible, modular design allows the ship’s software module to be removed from the faulty unit and placed into a new one. This way, the ship can continue, whilst the ECDIS is repaired on-shore. An extensive partner network allows for speedy and skilled installation, repair and support services, all over the world. More reliable navigation and reduced ship downtime makes Danelec’s unique subscription service invaluable to its customers.

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