Off2Off facilitates structured reuse of corporate interiors through their cloud-based platform.

Off2off® facilitates increased use / reuse of public and private organizations’ equipment and gadgets, primarily within the organization thereafter from one organization to another.
A digital web solution enables organizations to search for used / unused equipment and gadgets, based on their specific needs. The items have previously been used in a part of the organization but now do not match their needs. The off2off platform provides a cloud-based communication service specifically designed for structured use / reuse. It highlights the organization’s functional surplus, and shows the results of increased use / reuse in a successful match with the user’s needs. The idea is that functional surpluses (things that are too good to be thrown away) should be used / reused and not recycled, which is advantageous from an environmental, economic, and also social perspective. So far, off2off® has helped its customers save more than 300 tonnes of carbon dioxide and more than SEK 12 million. Significant environmental and economic gains have been observed in several Swedish municipalities that have used the service, including the City of Malmö and the City of Lerum.

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