Photo: Astrid Marie Rasmussen

Danish CPH Village transforms wasted containers from the shipping industry into flexible, livable container villages in areas with housing shortage.

A sector that has been highly criticized for its significant environmental pressure is the construction sector, and It is estimated that around one fourth of the global greenhouse gas emissions comes from exactly this sector. Combined with an expected inflow of 300.000 people to the Danish urban areas each year, the need for both buildings and sustainable solutions is urgent. One of the companies that strives for being a part of the solution is Danish CPH village. By buying and refurbishing old shipping containers, the company has created a business model that builds on transforming these old metal boxes into livable container villages. The rent and community atmosphere are especially appealing to young people and attract many students during their study period. The containers modules are flexible meaning that the village can be moved to new places when the contract with the municipality ends. Thus, CPH Village uses waste from the shipping industry to house hundreds of people that need a here-and-now residence in areas with a housing shortage!

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