Bioretur AS offers technical equipment, daily operation, monitoring of treatment plants, and handling of the fish sludge, for land-based aquaculture.

In the process of farming fish, by-products consisting of fish food and faeces is generated, which needs to be cleaned from the farming facility. This fish sludge contains among other things both nitrogen and phosphorus, which can cause eutrophication if disposed of in the sea. However, these can be used as nutrients if gathered and treated. Norwegian Bioretur AS has identified this issue and has developed a system for gathering and handling the fish sludge. Bioretur sets up and operates treatment plants at the farming facility, which can be done remotely due to their fully automated system. The treatment plants are also serviced regularly by Bioretur’s technicians to ensure high performance and long lifetime of the machinery. The treatment plant removes, de-waters and dries the fish sludge and Bioretur transport and treats the sludge, to produce usable products like fertilisers and biogas substrates, thus creating a circular system.


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