Saltverk uses a centuries old technique to produce Icelandic ­flake sea salt with geothermal energy.

Icelandic salt producer Saltverk produces and sells pure and seasoned flake sea salt. For the harvesting process, they have revived a two centuries old technique for producing handmade sea salt using 100% geothermal energy. At their unique location in Reykjanes, south of Reykjavik, Saltverk is provided with very clean seawater and hot springs with steaming hot water (93°C). Saltverk is fully taking advantage of the natural resources the surroundings have to offer. The seawater is used as raw material for making the sea salt, while the geyser water is used for the pre-heating, boiling and drying process. For the whole sea salt production process, only geothermal energy is used. This makes the process extremely low impacting.

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