Sustainability and functionality go hand-in-hand for Houdini, through renting, repair and recycling of high quality outdoor clothing.

Swedish-based Houdini Sportswear offers a wide range of apparel – from underwear to shell garments – with various circular aspects designed-in. Of their product range, 100% are made from materials that are recycled, recyclable, renewable, biodegradable or that comply with the Bluesign sustainability standard. Houdini coats and jackets can be rented from stores, which provides customers access to the products without owning them, also allowing them to test the products before purchase, thus preventing garments from hanging in closets, unused. To further extend the life of their products, Houdini offers an in-store repair service and spare parts provision, if customers wish to perform repairs themselves. Houdini furthermore operates a resales scheme, in which customers who hand in secondhand items receive a gift card for up to SEK 1,000 (ca. 100€), depending on the product. Apparel that cannot be resold is donated to charity and polyester garments are recycled. 


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