The Swedish grocery chain, ICA Group, is taking several steps to minimise its use of plastics and is just about to initiate its fossil-free adventure.

In 2018, ICA Group agreed to phase out the sales of disposable plastic products and the company has now multiple specific actions in its pipeline, to achieve this goal. By 2020, disposable coffee cups, plates, cutlery and straws will be made from biological materials, such as paper. By 2022, all ICA branded food packages will be recyclable or directly reusable. And by 2030, all ICA branded food packaging will be made from recycled or renewable material. Also packaging in single product lines, such as cleaning detergent product line ICA Skona, no longer make use of fossil plastics, in favour of sugar cane-based plastic materials. Not only are these actions made with the environment in mind, the dual purpose is also to increase the quality of ICA’s products. One example is ICA’s meat skin packaging, which contains less plastics, enables more efficient transport, and increases the shelf-life to a degree that has led to a food waste reduction of 40 %.

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