Responsible sourcing, efficiency, recycling and various forms of repair and reuse are at the heart of Nudie’s approach to circular economy.

As well as working with ecodesign, upstreaming improvements in the manufacturing chain and using 100% organic cotton for its denim, Swedish headquartered Nudie Jeans also focuses on prolonging the life of their products. For instance, they offer free repairs of their apparel in retail stores that double-up as Repair Shops. There are now 32 such Repair Shops worldwide and more are scheduled to be added. Customers unable to visit a Repair Shop can order a free repair kit online. This kit contains thread, needle, thimble, denim patches and instructions. Nudie Jeans furthermore takes back used products, for which customers receive a discount of 20% on new purchases. Take-backs are either sold as second-hand products, sometimes after they have been repaired, or recycled and given a new purpose.

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