Danish Fischer Lighting makes value from waste by buying, refurbishing, and reselling old lighting fixtures, reducing CO2 emissions by 42 %.

Fischer Lighting is a Danish company focusing on lighting fixture refurbishment. In a regular user scenario, countless lighting fixtures are usually discarded, even though many of these are still functional to some degree. Thus, by refurbishment Fischer Lighting returns such fixtures to fully functional lighting fixtures, ready for a new product life journey. This is achieved by buying a broad range of used lighting fixtures, substituting the old electronics with new LED technology, and reselling the upgraded fixtures. A Life Cycle Assessment was performed by The Technical University of Denmark showing savings of greenhouse gas emissions of around 42% due to refurbishing old lighting fixtures instead of buying new ones. This is a possibility due to a significant reduction in resource consumption. While new fixtures require almost 2 kg of virgin aluminum, refurbished fixtures only require 0.225 kg. Today, Fischer Lighting is searching for new collaboration partners, such as builders and construction companies who frequently throw away lighting fixtures, to broaden their business and take waste prevention to the next level.

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