Flokk designs high-quality workplace furniture with body and the environment in mind. In 2019, Flokk used 645 tonnes of recycled plastics in its products.

Flokk is Europe’s leading producer of quality workplace furniture, developing a growing house of brands. An example is RH New Logic, a high-end office chair unique for its use of recycled plastics. It fulfills all technical tests proofing recycled plastics can be used for structural parts if designed properly. With 90% recycled PP, RH New Logic helps battle the plastic waste crisis by adding value on waste, stimulating a profitable market for collecting & recycling. It is designed for easy disassembly, with seat & back cushions easily clicked on/off – enabling changeable parts, prolonging lifetime beyond the 10-year warranty. Flokk fabrics made of 100% recycled PET are fixed with patented ‘drawstring spindle’ – no need for glue or staple for easy repair & replacement.

Flokk invests great effort into its transition to circular business models, testing seating-as-a-service pilots and take-back programmes to refurbish used chairs, ready for a second life. RH New Logic is a clear manifestation of Flokk’s circular agenda.

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