With the Alsense Cloud, supermarkets can reduce food loss by up to 40% and optimise their operational efficiency through refrigeration management, using IoT.

Danfoss is a Danish company which, amongst many other products and services, delivers refrigeration solutions for food retail in supermarkets. As part of its Smart Store solution, Danfoss offers full remote monitoring and control, including predictive maintenance of all assets in the supermarket, such as refrigerated cabinets, HVAC systems, lights, etc. As of 2019 Danfoss has partnered with Microsoft to offer the Cloud Solution, “Alsense”. Alsense is an IoT solution that brings remote monitoring as well as actionable insights and recommendations that help supermarkets to manage the efficiency and performance of their assets, by predicting alarms & maintenance needs, and providing efficiency benchmarks from store to store. The solution enables supermarkets to reduce food waste due to missed critical alarms by up to 40%, save 80% of time spent on equipment management, and save up to 30% of total energy costs.  

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