Photo: Norilia/Sune Eriksen

Norilia is minimising waste from livestock farming by utilising and refining side-streams from meat and egg production.

Norilia is a Norwegian company that contributes to a more circular agricultural system by utilisation and refining of side-streams from meat and egg industries, such as hides, wool, offal and bone. Side-streams account for approximately 35 % of the biomass in the meat production, and Norilia treats approximately 150 000 tonnes of raw material per year, which are refined or redistributed, instead of being wasted. Norilia follows a ‘value-oriented sorting’, which includes following standards and quality grades, to understand how to create the most value possible, from the unexploited parts of the animals. The preferred strategy is to use as much as possible for food or other high value markets. The remaining side-streams might be refined to generate high value nutrient-rich supplements and innovative ingredients in Norilias two biorefineries, or repurposed for animal feed (e.g. pet food).

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