This reusable transit packaging system offers an alternative, compared to conventional single or limited use transit packaging.

Conventional transit packaging – i.e. boxes and pallets – comprises a significant part of the packaging waste problem. In addition, the use of wooden pallets can require additional cleaning of conveyor belts and is often the cause of damage to cardboard boxes, which leads to spoiled goods. To tackle these problems Sweden’s Svenska Retursystem offers a reusable transit packaging system. The system consists of sturdy stackable crates and pallets in various sizes, together with supporting logistics operations. Svenska Retursystem delivers the units to the manufacturers, where they are filled. Via the wholesalers, they arrive at the retailers, where they are subsequently emptied. Through the same chain, they are eventually returned to Svenska Retursystem , where the crates are checked and washed, after which they are ready to be used again. Most of Sweden’s food manufacturers rely on this system and it has helped to reduce CO2 emissions by 74% compared to disposable packaging. When the crates and pallets are worned out, they are recycled in the production of new crates and pallets.

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