AGITO Medical sells pre-owned medical imaging equipment and spare parts to European hospitals, clinics and distributers, thus providing medical equipment to less privileged customers worldwide.

Whilst European hospitals and clinics dispose of old equipment, many such institutions elsewhere cannot afford the much-needed equipment. To turn one community’s waste into another’s resource AGITO Medical specializes in the purchase and resell of devices such as MRI, CT, x-ray and ultrasound systems. To facilitate this, the company maintains an online database of available equipment, where you can find pre-owned imaging equipment at reduced prices, providing the customers with a cost-efficient alternative to buying new equipment. The company also offers spare parts to extend the second life of these products even further. Their services also include Mobile MRI and CT Solutions, providing customers with a wide selection of customized trailers, which you can rent for a short or long-term period.

AGITO Medical is based in Denmark, but collaborates with manufacturers, clinics, hospitals and laboratories worldwide to enable these product cascades. Currently, the company is one of Europe’s largest provider of pre-owned medical equipment and anticipates further growth.

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