UniCarriers Denmark combines a series of resource productivity approaches: access-over-ownership, refurbishment, product-cascades and temporary-capacity services.

Multi-national UniCarriers, with their European headquarter in Sweden provides a range of industrial trucks. Across its buy, lease and rental offerings UniCarriers aims to extend the life of its products. When a rental contract ends, for example, trucks can continue to be used; a truck will last 10-15 years, where a typical contract lasts 5-7 years. UniCarriers renovates these trucks, which can be done efficiently due to a large degree of standardisation of parts across its product range. After this, the trucks are sold or leased again. Following its second renovation cycle, the trucks become part of a product cascade: They are used in applications that are less demanding compared to the first application. For peak times, the company also offers a service that makes extra trucks temporarily available, taking away the need for their customers to own extra trucks ‘just in case’.

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