Ope offers furniture as a service for optimisation of rapidly changing office environments, while reducing both waste and cost.

Norwegian design company Ope provides furniture and space dividers. Changes in working culture require companies and commercial establishments to promote the continuous adaptation of working environments, causing frequent replacements, shortening of furniture lifetime and increased costs. To tackle this, Ope developed a model that enables their customers such as offices, boutiques or event organizers to access their furniture as a service, using the space dividers when needed for creating dynamic workplaces that can change over time. The product’s modularity is fundamental for allowing multiple cycles of assembly and disassembly during the use of the product within or among different customers. With this solution, customers benefit from the flexibility, while reducing their operational costs and waste. Ope is now aiming for one step further in closing-the-loop, by developing circular materials for the products, through a multi-disciplinary consortium led along with Vestre (Case XX), capturing and re-using ocean plastics with local partners in Norway such as Sintef and In The Same Boat.

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Ope – Dynamic workplaces with reduced waste