Refurb buys used IT equipment and repairs, refurbishes and sells it. The purpose is to make an alternative to new IT.

Linear consumption is an issue. Production of IT is highly resource intensive, especially in the extraction of new virgin materials and our increasing consumption of electronics poses an huge waste problems. Danish Refurb is tackling this problem head-on and turns it into business. By buying used IT equipment, such as laptops and smartphones, Refurb carries out thorough repair and refurbishment processes, before reselling it to businesses, public institutions and private consumers. What cannot be resold is recycled, wherever possible. Through this business, Refurb has created new markets, giving customers a better price and the environment a huge benefit. According to Refurb, around 80% of the energy use during a computer’s lifetime is expended during production – reusing equipment therefore contributes significantly to carbon footprint reduction. And Refurb’s positive impact doesn’t stop after one loop: anecdotal evidence suggests that the company has given some computers two additional lives.

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Refurb – Repair, refurbishment and resale of used ITPure Waste Textiles – Reusing fibre waste from manufacturing