Pure Waste Textiles produces garments from 100% recycled materials – cotton waste from textile factories and recycled polyester.

The production of clothing usually produces cut-offs. Instead of letting these go to waste, Finnish company Pure Waste Textiles uses these cut-offs in its production. The cut-offs are collected, sorted by colour and quality, mechanically opened, mixed with polyester fibres and spun into yarn. Next, the yarn is either knitted or woven into fabric and turned into garments such as T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. The company specializes in cotton waste, since it is one of the most-used fibres. According to Pure Waste Textiles its process saves 2,700 litres of water per T-shirt. The company also uses 90% renewable energy in production and offers shipping through RePack (case #10). They now work with a number of events, organizations and brands such as Slush and Billebeino

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Pure Waste Textiles – Reusing fibre waste from manufacturing