A partnership that turns used stone wool into new, high-quality stone wool insulation.

In 2012 the Danish branch of the global ROCKWOOL Group established a recycling solution for used stone wool. The company, known for its insulation and acoustic panels, reuses its own products in the production process. ROCKWOOL partner, RGS Nordic, handles the collection, sorting, granulation and transport of the stone wool waste from Danish municipal recycling stations to the ROCKWOOL production facility. Here it is turned into new stone wool insulation – to be recycled again in due time. In 2019 ROCKWOOL expected to recycle more than 8,600 tons of stone wool waste in Denmark. Waste, which otherwise would be headed for landfill. ROCKWOOL also uses a number of other waste streams such as waste porcelain, discarded sanitary, slag from heat plants and blasting grit, in their production of stone wool products.

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ROCKWOOL and RGS Nordic – New products from waste