Outdoor brand Bergans employs a number of circular strategies, such as rental, repair, return, reuse and recycling, across its product range.

Norwegian outdoor brand, Bergans, provides a range of outdoor apparel as well as tents, canoes and backpacks. Bergans spotted the potential for the extension of product life, and under the banner of its “Long live the product” and “Expedition 2020” initiatives has implemented, for example, a rental scheme for backpacks, tents and skiwear. In addition to this, the company offers repair services in its flagship store in Oslo, and customers can return unused clothing to this store to be resold, for which they can get a 20% discount on a new item that is bought at the same time. To facilitate returning an item via the post, special mailing bags can be ordered via text or online. Products that can no longer be repaired or resold are either turned into ReDesign or ‘upcycled’ items, or donated to the charity Human Bridge, which reuses or recycles the clothes into insulation or filler materials. Bergans has also undertaken a range of efforts in the area of responsible sourcing, such as the implementation of standards for the responsible production of down and wool, the Bluesign sustainability standard and other initiatives, such as use of recyclate and finding non-toxic alternatives for water-repellent coatings.

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