OptiConcept M is a paper machine with high-utilisation potential. It saves up to 30% energy and 30% water during operation.

Finnish pulp, board and paper equipment manufacturer Valmet has designed its OptiConcept machines by combining standardisation with modular tailoring. This way, the utilisation of the machine can be improved as it now has increased flexibility to handle grade changes. This has also made it easier to disassemble and reassemble the machine in another location, as well as to upgrade the machine.

Moreover, a maintenance-friendly design that allows for the replacement of individual parts maximises uptime and minimises downtime. With reasonable investments, the machine can furthermore be converted for other types of production. All-in-all, with OptiConcept M, Valmet has provided its customers with peace-of-mind that their equipment will continue to deliver value.

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Valmet OptiConcept M – A future-proof machine